pracht - Odenwald Germany


In our interior design concepts, progressive thought and Zen philosophy merge into a living space: because whoever lives, surrounded by constant change, must live differently in order to think differently.

Craftsmanship, but Given Thought

Some people aim for perfection in technical detail, some strive for the ideal in spirit. We want both. Natural wood and elaborate rooms, simply useful and simply beautiful, tangible and beyond grasp. Unchanging only in one aspect: Uncompromising quality.

“I want to create spaces that not just accentuate, but create an impulse. A passive building becomes an active space to live."
— Daniel Pracht, Managing Director of Pracht Living GmbH


When his grandfather set up a carpenter's workshop 60 years ago, he possessed two things: Skilled craftsmanship and the gift of listening to people. This was the foundation for a company that, today still, stands for quality and individual solutions close to life.


With pracht, the grandson now transforms this tradition into a forward-looking perspective where one question is more important than ever before: How can I design my rooms in such a way that I can fully unfold in them?